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Toni's back! Music diva SHE'S "unbreaking" her heart. A heart disease scare temporarily sidetracked her, but Toni Braxton is blasting back with a new album and a new focus on life. In fact, the happily married mother of two young.



Trilogy: a music and poetry CD His stories cut to the very depths of the everyday tragic human soul.Each track ... provides a mindscape panoramic view of how the broken cogs on the cosmic wheel still rock and reel with the rest of the world."more


Smooth Jazz Piano Smooth Jazz Piano: The Complete Guide with CD!, by Mark Harrison. Hal Leonard Publishing Corp.



Mfs summer music guide Many people discount the Dave Matthews Band as a bunch of patchouli-sniffing hippies, when in reality it's a band of five brilliant musicians who put on a live show with musical chemistry few bands can rival.


The fields are alive with the sound Thumps up Ozzie Smith sings Sam Cooke's "Cupid" Not to give Nikko a complex, but his dad's better at the singing stuff,more



Metal Rock & Pop
Bloodhag Seattle metal band Brief Article

Bloodhag Seattle metal band Brief ArticleTHIS MONTH'S PICK IS A phenomenal record by The Detroit Cobras. I'm not into cover bands, and generally dislike bands that put out records that are all covers. There are a few exceptions, however,
It s still rock and roll to me

It s still rock and roll to meI earned my doctoral degree during the same year that Ron Denisoff launched Popular Music and Society. While I had been a record collector since 1953, and had taught college level courses in lyric analysis since.
Can t stop the music

Can t stop the musicSTAN CORNYN WAS a legendary executive for the Warner Music Group, famous for his soft-sell ad compaigns in the late 1960s and early '70s -- among his innovative strategies was to advertise how few copies.

That rock n roll music

That rock n roll musicMusic, so it is said, can calm the savage beast. I'm not so sure myself. It's often more a case of music makes the savage beast especially if the blaring noise that emits from some car stereos is anything to

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