Best Way To Learn How To Speak French

For anyone contemplating learning a second language, French can make a compelling case. Firstly, French has many similarities to English. For instance, many words are exactly the same in each language. This can give you an advantage when learning French. It will also help you improve your understanding of English.

French is spoken throughout the world and is an official language of many World Organizations like the United Nations. Being able to speak the language can help you in your private and professional life. So if you have decided on French then you want to learn it effectively and efficiently. Who doesn't ? The fun bit of speaking a language is actually speaking to people. Learning vocabulary and verb conjugations is dull with a capital d. So what is the best way to learn to speak French ? This article will discuss the best way to learn to speak French with emphasis on the time it takes to become a fluent French speaker.

I would say the best way to learn French is to do an immersion course. By immersion course I mean go to a country where French is spoken (France, Belgium, Switzerland or Canada for example) and do an intensive course. If possible stay on after the course has finished or if you are doing the course part time then try to get a job. This will help to build on the knowledge you received in the course. It goes without saying that you need time set aside for something of this nature. Ideal occasions are in a gap year between school and university or maybe your work allows you to take a sabbatical year off.

The more you get involved in the life outside the academic course, the faster your knowledge of the language will become. Working in a simple job for instance will consolidate many of the words and verbs you have learned and make them stay in your head. So what's so good about immersion learning ? Well, there are two main reasons.

The first is that you have no excuses. You have to talk or you won't be understood. You can't fall back on using English. You have no time to worry about sounding silly or not knowing the right way to structure a sentence. You will be preoccupied with being understood and all the trivial things that involve denting your ego fall away. And the second reason is that your learning has a point.

You can use what you learn. This continues to motivate you and makes the pain of potentially tedious learning worthwhile. So being able to order a meal or have a conversation in a bar will motivate you. And the sights, sounds and smells that you experience when you have that conversation will make it come to life and help you to understand more. I think an immersion course is the most comprehensive way you can learn French, however it is not really a cheap option. You need time and money to go to another country to learn a language.

This may not suit everyone for many reasons including family or work commitments. Two other ways to learn French that do not have these drawbacks include taking a night class or doing a self study course.

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Best Way To Learn How To Speak French - For anyone contemplating learning a second language, French can make a compelling case.